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Outdoor Recreation Economy Report

Outdoor recreation is among America's largest economic sectors. It is the lifeblood of thousands of communities and provides livelihoods for millions of workers. Outdoor Industry Association issued the first outdoor recreation economy report in the early 2000s; this third edition takes a broader view of the growing industry and its shifting demographics. It is the largest, most comprehensive survey of its kind, and includes results for all 435 U.S. congressional districts in addition to national, regional, and state results.
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Nationally, the outdoor recreation economy generates:

  • $887 billion in annaul consumer spending
  • 7.6 million jobs
  • $65.3 billion in annual federal tax revenue
  • $59.2 billion in annual state and local tax revenue

In Pennsylvania, outdoor recreation generates:

  • $29.1 billion in annual consumer spending
  • 251,000 direct jobs (more than three times as many as the natural gas industry)
  • $8.6 billion in annual wages and salaries
  • $1.9 billion in annual state and local tax revenue.

More than half of Pennsylvania residents (56%) participate in outdoor recreation each year.

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