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This is an Ohio revised code sample solar access easement. Zoning for Solar and Wind Systems

Governor’s Solar Working Group

Organization Library Items

Robust guide to promoting solar energy use through local policy and action. Includes model…ordinances and development regulations. Zoning for Solar and Wind Systems American Planning Association

Zoning ordinance governing solar energy uses from Erie, Pennsylvania. Sample Ordinances Local

Amendment to zoning ordinance pertaining to solar energy systems in Monroeville, a municipality in

Zoning ordinance from the Borough of Pottstown governing solar energy uses. Sample Ordinances

Guide provides links to a long list of resources related to siting and designing solar energy…systems in a variety of settings. Renewable Energy Structures Zoning for Solar and Wind Systems

Design guidelines for the installation of solar panels on historic structures. Solar installations…should meet solar access requirements while maintaining the integrity of historic resources…relationships with the visibility of all solar energy installations – including solar panels – minimized to the…greatest extent possible. Zoning for Solar and Wind Systems Guide National Trust for Historic

Guide outlines solar energy technologies and various components of solar energy ordinances…. Zoning for Solar and Wind Systems Guide Cumberland County Planning Department

Model ordinance for on-site solar energy systems in a municipality. Model Ordinances Local

This model ordinance was designed to address the use of small-scale solar photovoltaic systems in a…Pennsylvania Rooftop Solar Challenge. Model Ordinances Model Environmental Planning & Design, LLC

thorough review of all aspects of solar energy systems that could be regulated. Model Ordinances Model

Model legislation to protect and encourage solar access on the state or municipal level. Zoning…for Solar and Wind Systems Model Fullbright and Jaworski L.L.P

13.44kW or less). It accompanies the Municipal Guidebook for Solar Zoning and Permitting, also published…in 2012. 3 pp. Zoning for Solar and Wind Systems Model Environmental Planning & Design, LLC

For the farmer, a properly designed solar project can deliver electricity and/or income while…explains key considerations when siting solar panels on farmland and includes case studies. Renewable

This document provides guidance to planners and the solar industry on how they can support…biodiversity on solar farms. Habitat & Wildlife Management Native Plant Species Renewable Energy

Guide to mitigating potential negative environmental impacts of ground-mounted solar arrays, such

This two page document provides basic descriptions of solar and wind energy systems. It serves as…a supplement to the guide "Zoning for Non-Commercial Solar and Wind Systems…". Zoning for Solar and Wind Systems Guide Tara Tracy John Theilacker, AICP Brandywine Conservancy

This code gives the requirements for what must be included in a solar access easement. Zoning…for Solar and Wind Systems Legislative Act/Resolution Ohio General Assembly

The guide introduces basic concepts related to small scale solar PV installations, outlines the…regulations and permitting process adopted by municipalities participating in the Western PA Rooftop Solar…Challenge and contains a model zoning ordinance and model permitting application. Zoning for Solar and

small-scale solar PV energy systems in their community. Municipalities using this guide should be able…to identify ways to regulate solar PV in their zoning codes, subdivision codes, and other regulations…Solar and Wind Systems Guide Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission

Brief guide outlines key considerations in zoning for solar. Zoning for Solar and Wind Systems

about the potential benefits of solar energy use and create a local policy framework that allows and…even encourages the appropriate use of solar energy systems. This compendium of briefing papers covers…a range of specific topics related to planning for solar energy use. Each paper tackles a different…barriers to local solar market growth. Design and Vision Zoning for Solar and Wind Systems U.S

Manheim Township's wind ordinance is notable for requiring an engineering report. Sample Ordinances Local Ordinance Manheim Township, PA

-commercial solar energy systems. Sample Ordinances Local Ordinance American Planning Association

A discussion of some of the issues that solar developers and their counsel should consider when…developing a solar energy project including with respect to land acquisition, solar resource analysis

Regulation of rooftop solar energy systems through municipal zoning ordinances results in fewer…regulate the installation and operation of rooftop solar energy systems. A municipality may treat a rooftop…solar array the same as an electric heat pump—as an accessory to a residential dwelling or commercial…rooftop solar energy systems. Municipalities should carefully review their assumptions and the facts

Regulating rooftop solar energy systems is not generally recommended. However, Pennsylvania…types of solar and wind energy systems. This guide specifically addresses rooftop solar; non-commercial…, ground-mounted solar; and non-commercial wind energy systems. Zoning for Solar and Wind Systems Guide

Regulation of rooftop solar energy systems through municipal zoning ordinances results in fewer…regulation are not compelling. (print version of WeConservePA guide; 2 pages) Zoning for Solar and Wind

An enormous boost in solar energy production is one of the actions needed to stop the dramatic rise…and support solar energy development. Renewable Energy Siting and Design Zoning for Solar and Wind