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Neighborhood Gardens Trust

Pennsylvania Land Trust Association member

Contact Information
100 N. 20th Street
5th Floor
Philadelphia, PA, 19103
Phone: (215) 988-8800
Email: Log in to see email

Organizational Information
Type of Organization Land Trust
Year Founded 1986
Number of Staff 2
PA Counties of Operation Philadelphia
Adopted S&P yes

Mission or Purpose
The Neighborhood Gardens Trust (NGT) is a land trust dedicated to preserving and supporting community gardens and other shared open spaces across the city. NGT’s work is grounded in the belief that an equitable and sustainable city is one in which all neighborhoods have vibrant green spaces for residents to cultivate food, flowers, and community.

Land Conservation Figures
PennsylvaniaOut of State
Total Acres Conserved 11
Acres Owned 8
Acres Under Easement
Acres Transferred to Public Agency†
Other Acres Protected‡ 3

Figures accurate as of 12/31/2017.

† Pertains to land that has been acquired by the land trust and than reconveyed to a local, county or state, state or federal government entity for conservation purposes.
‡ Other pertains to assistance in transactions including preparation and negotiation work and/or the reconveyance of land to another private conservation organization.