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Model Trail & Other Access Easements

By donating or selling a trail easement to a nonprofit organization or government, landowners may provide their land for a public trail without having to subdivide the land or lose ownership and control of the land. The Model Trail Easement Agreement is used to set the terms by which the trail is built, maintained and used as well as clarify the landowner's rights and establish who may be liable if an accident occurs on the trail. Used widely in and outside of Pennsylvania, this model is PALTA's preferred trail easement form.

Sometimes brevity is the paramount concern of landowners.The Model Grant of Trail Easement is brief--one page (exclusive of signatures) as compared to nearly five for the Model Trail Easement Agreement. However, if establishing certainty as to landowner and holder rights and responsibilities and other trail matters is of significant concern, the Trail Easement Agreement is the better choice.

The Model Grant of Fishing & Boating Access Easement secures public access to waterways while respecting the needs of the landowners providing the access. Users may customize the model to accommodate the forms of public access most appropriate to the property (e.g., fishing, boating or other recreational and educational uses.) The model may be used alone or coupled with a Grant of Conservation Easement to provide natural resource protections as well.

The Water Quality Improvement Easement secures access through and to property for the purpose of remediating the effects of abandoned mine drainage.