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Dauphin County Return on Environment

The results of this study show that nature is serious business. The goods and services that flow from Dauphin County’s existing open space and natural systems save residents, communities and businesses $939.2 million in avoided costs for natural system services, air pollution removal and revenues from outdoor recreation each year.These benefits accrue to businesses, manufacturing, agriculture, governments and households.
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Dapuhin County's annual return on environment:

Avoided Costs:

  • Natural system services: $573.7 million
  • Air pollution removal impact on healthcare: $9.1 million

Outdoor Recreation Revenue

  • Outdoor recreation: $359.4 million
  • Jobs: 3,400 expected
  • State and local taxes: $16.5 million expected

Open Space Impact on Property Values

  • $39.7–50.5 million

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