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Effective Nonprofit Email Newsletters


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Effective email newsletters help nonprofits better publicize their work and connect with supporters.

This guide provides links to web articles that explain how to create effective email newsletters that engage, educate, and entertain your audience. Most of the resources focus specifically on nonprofit newsletters, though many of the strategies apply to newsletters for businesses as well.

General Advice

These articles outline the major components of effective newsletters, illustrated with real-life examples.

“Top 7 Nonprofit Newsletter Best Practices”

“10 e-Newsletter Best Practices for Nonprofits”

“Bring Your Nonprofit Newsletter from Snoring to Soaring”

“Nonprofit Email Newsletters: 28+ Simple (and Effective) Tips”

“5 Nonprofit Newsletters to Learn from”

“4 Simple Tips to Make Your Newsletter More Effective”

Naming a Newsletter

Creating a catchy, compelling name for your newsletter can help differentiate it from other types of emails your organization sends (e.g., fundraising appeals or event invitations) and make it stand out in people’s inboxes. These articles discuss the components of a good name.

“What Should You Name Your e-Newsletter?”

“6 Tips on Creating Compelling Newsletter Titles”

“Compelling Newsletter Names”

“How to Name Your Email Newsletter: 15 Creative Examples”

“Creative Newsletter Names”

Subject Lines

These articles summarize best practices for newsletter subject lines that will entice readers to open your newsletter.

“Improve the ROI of Your Nonprofit Email with a Great Subject Line”

“Best Email Subject Lines for Nonprofit Newsletters”

“7 Newsletter Email Subject Lines to Inspire You”

Newsletter Content

These articles offer ideas about which types of content to include in newsletters.

“9 Content Ideas for Your Nonprofit Newsletter”

"8 Brilliant Nonprofit Newsletter Ideas from the Experts"

“7 Creative Content Ideas for Your Nonprofit Blog or Newsletter”

“10 Improved Content Ideas for Your Nonprofit Newsletter”"

How Often to Send?

These articles review findings on email frequency and key factors to consider when deciding how often to send your newsletters.

“What’s the Ideal Frequency for Your Nonprofit’s Email Newsletters?”

“How Often Should Your Nonprofit Send Your Email Newsletter?”

“Nonprofit e-Newsletters: Find the Ideal Length and Frequency”

“How Often Should We Mail that Newsletter?”

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Effective email newsletters help nonprofits better publicize their work and connect with supporters. [Print version of guide]


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