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Physical spaces, including community gardens, can often, without intention, exclude members of the population. Through promoting the principles of Universal Design this guide is intended to offer gardeners assistance on how to make their gardens more accessible for people of all ages and abilities.
Thorough guide emphasizing practical information beginners or veteran gardeners alike can use to help make their community garden a success. This publication is not an academic study—it purposely focuses on specific, practical, and applicable suggestions to create successful solutions for any commu…
This comprehensive guide provides a road map for how local laws and policies can impact local gardening efforts. It also addresses practical issues such as how to find and evaluate potential garden sites, design and manage gardens, and handle liability issues.
This guide is intended to be a resource for gardeners, garden organizers, Extension staff, and other agency professionals who want to start a new community garden, enhance an existing garden or help community members start and manage their own community garden.
Barriers, such as liability expenses, code restrictions, and a lack of resources, which often make it difficult for communities to establish or maintain gardens in their neighborhoods, can be overcome with local government engagement. This fact sheet offers case studies, best management practices, …
Local government leaders are in a unique position to promote healthy eating and active living in their communities by supporting community gardens. Community gardens can improve nutrition, physical activity, community engagement, safety, and economic vitality for a neighborhood and its residents an…
This toolkit was developed to provide legal resources for establishing community gardens on vacant or underutilized parcels of land. It includes a model community garden lease, a model gardener's agreement, and model garden rules. The toolkit describes the rights and responsibilities of the landown…
Guide explains different types of community gardens and the steps necessary to start and effectively maintain a garden. Appendix includes sample bylaws, budget worksheet, and gardener application.


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