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Orefield, PA

Richard Cary (1 references)

ForestLand Consulting

Prepare Conservation a/o Pa Forest Stewardship plans-for landowner objectives i.e. preservation/natural area protection, sustaining biodiversity, wildlife habitat, recreation, timber production. Inventory & map vegetation types and unique natural features or ecosystems, baseline studies for conservancies, photo documentation, layout hiking & nature trails, wetland delineation, timber sales, forest regeneration plans.

3133 Grist Mill Road
Orefield, PA
Christopher Kocher, Pres
Wildlands Conservancy
610-965-4397 Ext 123
Planning Forestry Baseline Documentation Ecology and Biology Recreation Nature Photography

Mark Schmerling (2 references)

Schmerling Documentary Photography

Nature Photography: human and environmental fallout from fossil fuel extractive industries, but also healthy and beautiful streams, fields and woodlands.

Richard Whiteford
Adina LoBiondo
Sierra Club Magazine
Nature Photography
Northport, New York

Lindsay D'Addato (0 references)

5 Blydenburgh Ct.
Northport, New York

no references

Nature Photography
Shippenville, PA

Williams Ecological, LLC (0 references)

Williams Ecological, LLC offers survey, monitoring, research, and planning services focused on the conservation and management of plants, wildlife, and land and water resources. The services we provide include: 1. surveys for special concern species and invasive species; 2. conservation planning for large and small landowners; 3. forest inventory and management; 4. wetland delineation, research and management; 5. Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESA) for commercial and industrial development; 6. environmental assessments for mining, oil and gas sites; and 7. environmental surveys of pipelines, transportation, and utility corridors. Please contact us for information on these services and inquiries on others.

103 Hillcrest Lane
Shippenville, PA

no references

Conservation by Design Environmental Assessment Planning Forestry Baseline Documentation Ecology and Biology Recreation Nature Photography

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