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Eastern Pennsylvania Alliance of Climbers (EPAC)

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3853 Old Easton Rd
Doylestown, PA
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The Eastern Pennsylvania Alliance of Climbers is dedicated to promoting education, safeguarding access, building community, and preserving our natural lands for rock climbers of the past, present, and future. EPAC is an Access Fund affiliated Local Climbing Organization (LCO). EPAC seeks to educate as well as partner with climbers and land managers in regards to responsible climbing practices, sustainable trail building, risk management strategies, natural resource management and many other aspects related to being good stewards of our lands. While our main focus may be on the activity of climbing, we recognize that climbers share the land with other user groups. Therefore, EPAC hopes to join with other organizations and/or provide support for their conservation efforts as well.

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EPAC was founded in 2020 when a group of climbers came together to formalize their conservation efforts. Many folks had been doing conservation work on their own or in small, informal groups for decades. The lack of a formal, organized unit led to barriers such as funding and partnering with land managers. Moreover, it was found that climbers lacked a unified voice as well as representation in Eastern Pennsylvania. EPAC is now a Pennsylvania nonprofit organization with 501(c)(3) status. As an Access Fund affiliate, we have access to a multitude of resources to help support land mangers who allow climbing on their lands.

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