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Christopher Wilson

Contact Information

Christopher Wilson
Owner, Wildlife Biologist, Conservation Scientist
Hendersonville, NC

Services Provided

Conservation Ecology provides ecological inventory, research, monitoring, & planning services to clients involved in land conservation projects. We are based in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina and work throughout the country. Services include: 1) inventory and mapping of rare plant & animal species, natural communities, and habitats performed by highly skilled field naturalists; 2) natural habitat conservation value assessments, baseline documentation reports, and compliance monitoring for conservation easement and land trust related projects, 3) expert witness testimony for conservation easement and land condemnation cases, 4) conservation planning for biodiversity using the Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation, & 5) GIS spatial analysis and customized mapping.

Conservation by Design Environmental Assessment Planning Forestry Baseline Documentation Ecology and Biology Trail Construction & Design


“Chris has done amazing work furthering conservation efforts in North Carolina on my land and elsewhere. It has been an honor to work with him, and quite fun too.” - Tim Sweeny, Conservationist Land Owner, Founder & CEO of Epic Games. Christopher R. Wilson is a conservation scientist, wildlife ecologist, and owner of Conservation Ecology LLC. For over 20 years he has served private landowners, land trusts, philanthropies, government agencies, and research institutions around the country. He is author of the book Documenting and Protecting Biodiversity on Land Trust Projects published by the Land Trust Alliance. “This book falls into that rare category of ‘necessary.’ For people concerned about preserving the fabric of this earth in a time of tempestuous change, Chris Wilson has provided a mandatory manual. It will do much good in the world.” - Bill McKibben, Best Selling Author of The End of Nature

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Christopher R. Wilson is owner of Conservation Ecology LLC and author of the book Documenting and Protecting Biodiversity on Land Trust Projects published by the Land Trust Alliance.

Library Items Authored

Documenting and Protecting Biodiversity on Land Trust Projects: An Introduction and Practical Guide
This user-friendly guide bridges the gap between conservation biology and its application to typical land trust projects. Intended for land trusts, landowners, biologists, planers, and students, th...