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Williams Ecological, LLC

Contact Information

Dr. Chuck Williams
103 Hillcrest Lane
Shippenville, PA
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Services Provided

Williams Ecological, LLC offers survey, monitoring, research, and planning services focused on the conservation and management of plants, wildlife, and land and water resources. The services we provide include: 1. surveys for special concern species and invasive species; 2. conservation planning for large and small landowners; 3. forest inventory and management; 4. wetland delineation, research and management; 5. Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESA) for commercial and industrial development; 6. environmental assessments for mining, oil and gas sites; and 7. environmental surveys of pipelines, transportation, and utility corridors. Please contact us for information on these services and inquiries on others.

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Williams Ecological, LLC is led by Charles E. Williams, Ph.D., environmental consultant, scientist, educator, and writer, with over 25 years of professional experience collaborating on environmental issues with industry, local, state and federal agencies, non-profit organizations, and universities.

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