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Penn Trails LLC

Contact Information

9 Dogwood Drive
Newville, PA

Services Provided

Penn Trails is involved in all stages of natural surface trail planning, construction and management, specializing in hiker/pedestrian, universally accessible trails and equestrian trails. Penn Trails provides Trail Assessments, Planning, Construction, Project Management and Construction Management. The company provides a variety of trails training and education programs including Sustainable Trail Planning & Design, Universal Planning & Design for Trails, Trail Management & Maintenance Strategies, Job Hazard Analysis and Trail Crew Leadership Training. Penn Trails is a national Licensed Training Provider company for the American Red Cross, with our primary focus on providing professional Wilderness/Remote First Aid Training for federal, state and non-profit clients.

Trail Construction & Design


Larry Knutson is the president and owner of Penn Trails LLC. Knutson is co-author of Universal Access Trails and Shared Use Paths Design, Management, Ethical, and Legal Considerations, available from PALTA. He serves on DCNR’s State Trails Advisory Board, as chair of the Trail Planning Committee. His orientation to sustainable, natural surface trails has been acquired as a contractor in the planning, design, construction and maintenance of such trails, as well as, related professional education and certifications. He has taught a range of trail classes and workshops for DCNR, PA Recreation & Parks Society, Wildlands Conservancy, USDA Forest Service, Professional Trail Builders Association and Chesapeake Bay Foundation. A recipient of the American Hiking Society's 2003 Volunteer of the Year award for his trail work in Pennsylvania, he is also a former Appalachian Trail overseer and Pennsylvania Park Ranger.

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Trails for All People
Penn Trails has extensive experience in designing and building universally accessible trails. Larry Knutson, president of Penn Trails, is coauthor of the Universal Access Trails guide.

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