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Dr. Roger Latham

Contact Information

Dr. Roger Latham
Ecologist / Conservation Biologist
P.O. Box 57
Rose Valley, PA

Services Provided

I am a scientist whose research is about finding the best means to restore damaged forest, heathland and grassland ecosystems, recover endangered species populations, and enhance wildlife habitat. My work focuses mainly on the restoration and management of nature reserves. Specialties include: restoration and management planning; desired conditions analysis; design of ecological field experiments and adaptive management monitoring programs; and supervising the implementation of stewardship plans, field experiments and monitoring programs.

Conservation by Design Environmental Assessment Planning Forestry Ecology and Biology


My career as an ecologist, conservation biologist and environmental planner spans 50 years. I do applied research and conservation planning as a consultant for the National Park Service, Nature Conservancy, Natural Lands Trust, Western Pennsylvania Conservancy, Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, and other organizations and agencies involved in wildland stewardship. I also collaborate with academic researchers on investigations in basic ecology, probing such subjects as biogeochemistry, paleoecology and plant diversity patterns from micro- to global scales. I was the editor and a contributing author of the peer-reviewed volume, Managing White-tailed Deer in Forest Habitat from an Ecosystem Perspective. I served for 8 years as Editor of Bartonia, a regional journal of botany and plant ecology, and 6 years on the Board of Trustees of the Natural Lands Trust, headquartered in Media, PA. Currently I serve as President-elect (2015-2016 term) and Webmaster of the Pennsylvania Biological Survey and on its Steering Committee and Community Classification Standing Committee; on advisory committees to the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources' Bureau of Forestry and Wild Plant Sanctuary Program; and on Tyler Arboretum's Natural Areas Committee. I chair the Environmental Advisory Council of my hometown, the borough of Rose Valley, Pennsylvania.

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