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Tom Comitta

Contact Information

Tom Comitta
President & Founder
18 West Chestnut Street
West Chester, PA

Services Provided

Tom is a planning and urban design consultant who writes plans and ordinances for municipalities. His firm is located in West Chester, PA.



As President and Founder of TCA, Tom serves as Principal-In-Charge and Operations Manager. He is an expert in communications and has utilized his verbal and graphic skills for many TCA assignments relating to: town planning; landscape architecture; expert witness testimony; citizen/public participation; preference surveys pertaining to community development; and land planning mediation. He is a frequent lecturer at planning and land planning seminars and workshops, and conducts training sessions on town planning, open space planning, and traditional neighborhood development. Tom promotes a humanistic and sustainable approach to planning and design through careful consideration of the historic context of towns, neighborhoods and landscapes.

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Guide Listings

Riparian Buffer Protection via Local Government Regulation
Comitta has extensive land use planning experience.

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