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Nicole Faraguna

Contact Information

Nicole Faraguna
Director of Outreach & Education
Pennsylvania Land Trust Association
(717) 909-1298
119 Pine Street, 1st floor
Harrisburg, PA


Nicole Faraguna has served as Director of Outreach and Education for the Pennsylvania Land Trust Association since March 2005. Her responsibilities include managing the organization’s public outreach and education efforts, assisting land trusts with needed guidance, and organizing the annual Pennsylvania Land Conservation Conference. She also contributes content to and the ConserveLand newsletter. Her most recent written guides include Outdoor Access and Programs: Land Trusts Connecting People to Nature, Collaborative Opportunities for Land Trusts and Mergers, Affiliations and Supporting Organizations: Restructuring Strategies for Land Trusts. Nicole previously served as Director of Communications for the Pennsylvania State Association of Boroughs and Editor of the Borough News Magazine. She was instrumental in co-founding the Brush Valley Preservation Association in her own community and dedicating her efforts to preserving 2,000 acres. She volunteers with the Otzinachson Group of the Sierra Club and is active with the statewide Chapter with which she serves on the transmission and political committees.

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Guide Listings

Public Access Policies and Practices for Land Trusts
Nicole Faraguna is the researcher/author of this guide.

Nicole Faraguna is the researcher/author of this guide.

Collaborative Opportunities for Land Trusts
Nicole Faraguna is the researcher/author of this guide.

Environmental Advisory Council
Nicole administers the EAC Network.

Library Items Authored

Bridge Loans for Conservation Purchases: Borrowing from Revolving Loan Funds
Low and no interest, short-term loans are available to help nonprofit organizations complete land and easement purchases for conservation purposes.

Environmental Advisory Council
A municipality's governing body may establish an environmental advisory council to advise the municipality's decision-makers and undertake projects regarding the protection and conservation of natu...

Merger: An Introduction for Conservation Organizations
A land trust may merge with another land trust or other conservation organization in order to more effectively advance the goals of each organization.

Public Access Policies and Practices for Land Trusts: Survey Results in Pennsylvania
The Pennsylvania Land Trust Association surveyed Pennsylvania land trusts regarding their organizational policies and practices as well as management issues encountered related to their fee-owned p...

Traffic Calming
Traffic-calming incorporates a variety of design and management strategies in local streetscapes to control volume and speed of traffic for the safety of both motorists and non-motorists.

Land Trust Merger Case Studies
This guide describes the catalysts for exploring merger, the exploration and due diligence process, and the outcomes of several consolidations of land trusts with land trusts as well as land trusts...

Pennsylvania Nature Play Areas
A profile of nature play areas located in Pennsylvania.

Outdoor Access and Programs
Land trusts have available to them a variety of tools and examples of how to improve public access and provide programming on their lands. By providing opportunities for outdoor experiences, land ...

Collaborative Opportunities for Land Trusts
Many types of collaborative approaches are available to help land trusts and others advance land conservation. This guide identifies opportunities for collaboration, provides guidance in structurin...

Global Positioning System (GPS)
GPS enables users to easily record the location of natural and man-made features on the land. It allows users to identify where a photo or video is taken, revisit previously recorded features, and ...