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George White

Contact Information

George White
Environmental Consultant
7075 Lovers Lane
Kempton, PA

Services Provided

White Environmental Services is a sole-proprietor business, owned and operated by George A. White III. Since opening our doors in 1991, White Environmental Services has provided environmental services throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania. We have been involved in projects that vary from small residential lots to industrial sites in excess of 600 acres. Our environmental studies have included Environmental Impact Studies, GIS Mapping, Trail Planning, Reforestation Plans, Endangered Species Surveys, Environmental Resource Inventories, Wetlands Studies & Permitting, and Wetlands Mitigation.

Conservation by Design Environmental Assessment Planning Forestry Baseline Documentation Ecology and Biology


With over twenty two years of experience as an Environmental Consultant, George has developed a reputation as a versatile professional who is capable of meeting the diverse needs of his clients.

Julie McMonagle
Pennsylvania Environmental Council - NE Region
(570) 718-6507

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