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Cindy Wildermuth

Contact Information

Cindy Wildermuth
Woodland Management Services, Inc.
308 Egypt Rd.
Tafton, PA

Services Provided

Woodland Management Services, Inc. is a forest consulting and land management company. We focus on managing properties to maximize their long term economic potential while producing the other benefits that make woodland ownership such an attractive investment alternative. We believe active forest management can significantly improve the quality, growth rate, and health of timber stands. WMS practices multiple-use, environmentally sound timberland management with a focus on economic returns. Forest management services include; timber sales administration, evaluation of potential timber and land acquisitions, boundary line maintenance, wildlife management plans, and ArcGIS mapping. We do baseline documentation and Forest Management Plans for conservation easements.

Planning Forestry Baseline Documentation


Cindy Wildermuth - Cindy graduated from Gettysburg College with a degree in Biology and earned a Master of Environmental Management from Duke University. She has been involved in real estate sales, land conservation, land management, and local land regulation for over 20 years. Cindy has experience in real estate transactions, appraisal valuation, zoning and subdivision regulations, land protection agreements, grant writing, and minimal impact development. She is the past chair of the Pike County Planning Commissionand chairs the Delaware Highland Conservancy’s Land Protection Committee.

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