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Please contact the Pennsylvania Land Trust Association at or Carol Grayshaw at 717-230-8560 if your organization isn’t in a relevant search or listing below or if the organization's information needs to be updated.

Land Trusts

A land trust is a charitable organization that acquires land or conservation easements, or that stewards land or easements, to achieve one or more conservation purposes. See What is a Land Trust?” for a detailed description.

Watershed Associations

A watershed association is a non-governmental organization whose mission focuses on protecting, restoring health to, or monitoring a specific body of water, or educating on how policies and actions in the watershed impact the water body; it advances its mission at least in part by performing on-the-ground or in-the-water projects such as streamside tree plantings, aquatic habitat improvements, stream cleanups, and water quality monitoring.

Environmental Advisory Councils

Every Pennsylvania municipality has the option to establish an environmental advisory council that may advise the municipal government on environmental matters and undertake a variety of projects regarding the protection and use of natural resources.

Trail Groups

Trail groups may build or maintain trails, or they may acquire land or hold easements on which trails are built. Their trails may be for walking, bicycling, horse-back riding, etc.

Agricultural Land Preservation Boards

Fifty-eight Pennsylvania counties have agricultural land preservation boards that purchase agricultural conservation easements on qualified, priority farms. The boards work in partnership with the Bureau of Farmland Preservation, which is housed in the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture.

Conservation Districts

Every Pennsylvania county except Philadelphia has a conservation district. Each county conservation district tailors its services to the interests of its county. The 1945 Conservation District Law (as amended) governs the operations of districts.